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Welcome to Larry Briggs Rare Coins

Larry Briggs Rare Coins, LBRC, is not your ordinary coin shop. We offer services that include but are not limited to arbitration, appraisals, purchasing, selling, and trading. We strive to provide a complete inventory from Colonials to Modern and everything in-between. LBRC is distinctly established in the coin industry, and we are widely recognized as a supplier of all varieties of both US and Foreign coins, a broad selection of medals, store card tokens, and civil war tokens.

LBRC inventories almost every type and denomination of coin. Our owner, Larry Briggs, is a specialist in error and variety (RPMs, RPDs, MPDs, VAMs, Doublestrikes, Triplestrikes, Saddlestrikes, etc) coinage, and for this reason we pay special care to seek out and provide hard to find and rare coins, such as errors, to our clients. The "favored" coins in stock are Early American Coppers, Bust coinage and Seated Liberty coinage.

Please Keep in Mind...

It is important to exercise caution when purchasing coins. You should know your dealer and make sure they are experienced and in good standing within the coin community. Most dealers offer a "grace period" to allow inspection and return of your numismatic purchases, in the event that you are not fully satisfied. Please refer to our Policy page when considering any purchase through LBRC.

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1836 Gobrecht Dollar, Die Alignment IV, Decent XF
1836 Gobrecht Dollar, Die Alignment IV, Decent XF
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